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Courses & Essentials
For Growing Your Food
At Home

Have your source of nutritious food plants at home

and put together hearty meals for the family

The Kitchen-Garden Project


Discover how nutrition, home-growing and cuisine come together to create a rich experience.


Choose methods for growing your food that suit your needs and surroundings.


Keep strong on your growing and nutrition journey with appetising recipes and herbal goodness.


The Toolkit To Help You Achieve
The Home-Grown Food Standard

Nutrition should not only be about feeling full. We want every individual, family, and community to be able to enjoy food that will nourish their bodies and improve their health while keeping harmful chemicals away. 


To that end, we deliver knowledge, skills and essentials in growing fresh food at home and using them in appetizing meals and herbal dishes. Ultimately, we aim to provide home-growers with a complete and adaptive system suitable for their needs and surroundings.

Free recipes you can use after growing your crops

Create tasteful dishes

Free blog material

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Get You & Your Loved Ones Healthy
From The Ground Up! Literally!

Health through eating is really simple:

Have high-quality ingredients for the kitchen and satisfying dishes for the table.

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