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Learn. Plant.
Cook. Taste.

The Toolkit To Help You Achieve
Home-Grown Food Standard

No More "Bitter Medicine"

Prep food that's good for you that tastes even better to keep you going strong on your healthy eating journey.

Anxiety-Free Food

You can't worry about pesky pesticides and chemicals if you don't use them. And don't worry, we don't use them either.

Get Informed & Organised

Gain the crucial know-how to devise your nutritional master plan while roping in the family and community.

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Personalise Your Home-Growing Project

  • Start growing for your nutritional needs from seeds, cuttings, tubers and more!

  • Learn about soil and soil-less cultivation techniques.

  • Pick up handy tips and tricks for turning spaces big and small productive.

Freshly Grown The Way You Like It

  • Plant according to your method of choice! Our organic, non-GMO seeds are suitable for microgreens, the traditional garden, even hydroponics and aeroponics!

  • Need a space solution? Check out our compact indoor systems for that spare corner in your apartment!

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Supercharge Your Daily Health Routine

  • Shore up your health routine with powerful, adaptive effects of medicinal mushrooms.

  • We keep the home-grown standard flying high on our end, focusing on quality so you can feel the difference.

Mushrooms Grown On Wood

100% Real Wood

Nurturing a mushroom begins with substrate choice.

Our mushrooms, grown on real wood from approved loggers, carry the full profile of beta-glucans, triterpenes, antioxidants and other nutrients for maximum health benefit.

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No Grain Or Mycelium In Our Herbal Products

No Grain, No Mycelium

While both contain polysaccharides and triterpenes, fruiting bodies (the mushroom) far outstrip even mycelium (the "roots") purified of  substrate.


Strictly offering only mushrooms means you can always tell that you are getting the juiciest parts of the fungi.

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Organic With No Pesticides

Pesticide Free

We eliminate pesticides use from the get-go since good hygiene will never need them.


Every grow bag is handled with utmost care to prevent moulding, incubated under stringent temperature and humidity control, and ventilated with filtered air.

Free Of Additives

Additives Free

Our approach with additives follows suit with no addition of external vitamins, minerals, preservatives, or any other chemical.


Very simply, our mushrooms are dried and vacuum-packed to improve shelf life and your confidence in them.

Free recipes you can use after growing your crops

Free blog material

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