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Quality Medicinal Mushrooms

100% Real Mushrooms 0% Pesky Additives

Lushrooms goes the extra mile in growing clean, nutritious mushrooms for cuisine & herbcraft

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LingZhi Mushroom



Vitamin D2







Immune activity boosting
Bacterial & viral defence

Yes, Food is Medicine.
So You Need Good Ingredients.

We're On A Mission

We hardly give mushrooms enough credit for their profound health effects on our bodies, and hardly enough recognition for good practices that deliver mushrooms with said health benefits fully intact.


Lushrooms has them both covered. We grow our mushrooms knowing what they do for health and how to keep them that way on their journey to your kitchen.


Giving Your Medicine the Culinary Edge.

Good medicine doesn't have to be bitter to swallow. Not if you have the know-how to prepare it.

We develop tea and culinary recipes that showcase our mushrooms in enjoyable dishes for the family. These act as training wheels to get you familiar with their various taste profile on your way to creating recipes of your own.

Herbal Mushroom Dish And Dessert Recipes

Why Our Mushrooms ARE The Best Ingredients:

Mushrooms Grown On Wood

100% Real Wood

Nurturing a mushroom begins with substrate choice.

Our mushrooms, grown on real wood from approved loggers, carry the full profile of beta-glucans, triterpenes, antioxidants and other nutrients for maximum health benefit.

Wheat Grain.jpg
No Grain Or Mycelium In Our Herbal Products

No Grain, No Mycelium

While both contain polysaccharides and triterpenes, fruiting bodies (the mushroom) far outstrip even mycelium (the "roots") purified of  substrate.


Strictly offering only mushrooms means you can always tell that you are getting the juiciest parts of the fungi.

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Organic With No Pesticides

Pesticide Free

We eliminate pesticides use from the get-go since good hygiene will never need them.


Every grow bag is handled with utmost care to prevent moulding, incubated under stringent temperature and humidity control, and ventilated with filtered air.

Free Of Additives

Additives Free

Our approach with additives follows suit with no addition of external vitamins, minerals, preservatives, or any other chemical.


Very simply, our mushrooms are dried and vacuum-packed to improve shelf life and your confidence in them.

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