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FreedomGreen Tower

  • Compact home aeroponics

  • Low maintenance

  • Easy on the eye

You can now own a supply of leafy green vegetables in your flat

Already Have A Tower?

Hit the ground running with our step-by-step onboarding course.

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Let that little corner of your home feed you

50 cm x 50 cm Footprint

Maximise growing space with vertical design

Nurtures up to 48 individual plants in an indoor setting

Grows on auto-pilot

Timer-based lighting and watering

Effortless to plant and run

15-minute weekly maintenance

Slot baskets into tower to plant

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Connect with the family

Bond with your children and parents while planting and harvesting

Living room ambience

Doubles as indoor lamp, decor and waterfall while it grows.

Frequently Asked Questions

First Time With FreedomGreen?

Don't fret! Our onboarding course will equip you with all the basics and required skills.

Setting Up Tower




3-hour course

Designed for beginners

3-step detailed walkthrough

  • Full Tower assembly demo​

  • Preparation of seedlings & cuttings

  • ​15-minute method for weekly maintenance​

  • List of recommended vegetables to get started with

Frequently Asked Questions

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